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Lalotalie River Retreat
Lalotalie River Retreat
Lalotalie River Retreat
Lalotalie River Retreat
Lalotalie River Retreat
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Lalotalie River Retreat
Lalotalie River Retreat
Lalotalie River Retreat
Lalotalie River Retreat
Lalotalie River Retreat
Lalotalie River Retreat
Lalotalie River Retreat

Day Tours

beth_visit_158_smallIndividual and Group Tours can include:

At Lalotalie, we tailor our programmes to meet the requirements of individual groups according to the goals and objectives they have for their trip to Samoa. We cater for family groups, corporate groups, youth groups, sports teams, mission teams, teens at risk and school groups from Samoa and overseas.

Activities we can provide include:
  • Waterfall hikes
  • Ancient Mangrove Forest Exploration
  • Outrigger Canoe Trips
  • Beach Trips (Matereva and Return to Paradise Beach)
  • Trekking to untouched, secluded beaches
  • Outdoor Education Programmes e.g ecosystems study
"Here's what our guests say:

"Thank you 2 so much!! I had the most fun I've ever had in my life! Such an amazing experience. I want to stay here forever!! I DON"T WANT TO GO! I love all these people!! Keep being awesome!!!Tannon Muller, NSW, Australia

"This is my best time in Samoa, the waterfalls look like the ones in my country. I felt like family here, your hospitality radiates, the place glows with friendliness. Keep it up!" Noel H. Diaz, Manila, Philippines


Lalotalie is the ideal location for your company team-building day, youth group retreat, sports team camp or family get together. Stay for one night, the weekend, a whole week or longer! At Lalotalie, our family works together with the people of the village of Falease'ela to provide authentic cultural experiences in a village based environment. We can organise any of the following cultural activities for your family or group:

Plantation tours - see how pineapples, cocoa, taro, sugar cane etc is grown and learn to husk coconuts and weave a basket from coconut fronds.

  • Weaving workshops
  • Visits to local schools
  • Attending church
  • Kava ceremony – Traditional welcome by chiefs of the village
  • Demonstration of making coconut cream
  • Demonstration of making Samoan cocoa
  • Demostration of an umu (traditional Samoan way of cooking food, using hot rocks)
  • And more
Please contact us in advance to book and for further information and costs.

Faleaseéla River Hike (Liua le Vai o Sina)

The Faleaseéla River Hike is an exhilarating trek that should not be missed by those looking for adventure and wishing to experience Samoa's pristine natural environment. Beginning at Lalotalie Eco-Cultural River Retreat located in Faleaseéla village, this guided tour takes you through river bed and along the banks of the Liua le Vai o Sina River, It is a wet and wild adventure, plunging, jumping, climbing, under over and around various sized waterfalls. What more could you ask for on a hot day in Samoa?

The tour takes anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on your pace. Your tour guide, Tuioli and his side-kick, Fly will lead you up and around waterfalls and lava formations that have formed this magnificent natural setting. Fly, who is the younger and more acrobatic of the two, will perform jaw-dropping climbs and jumps that will tempt only the daring traveller to follow. All under the watchful eye of the more experienced guide, Tuioli, as at Lalotalie safety is our first priority. Both tour guides have recently completed a water-based & surf life saving course.

For those who prefer a more leisurely trek, Olsen will be happy to share his wealth of knowledge about Samoa's natural environment and will be able to answer any questions you may have about life in Samoa. However you take the tour, you will be telling your friends that Samoa has way more to offer than beautiful beaches, and they should not miss out on the Faleaseéla River Hike. Don't forget your (waterproof) camera for breathtaking photo opportunities!

"An incredible experience. Thank you for pioneering eco-tourism in Samoa! I hope others follow your example." John Clarke, Australia

Please note – for safety and environmental reasons, the waterfall hike is limited to a maximum of ten people. The minimum number for the hike is 4 (private tours can be arranged for groups of 2 – 3 people or for individuals, at an increased cost. Please contact us for pricing.)

Bookings are essential. Please bring suitable footwear (reef shoes or trainers etc), a change of clothes, a towel, snacks and a bottle of water.
Please note that the tour guide reserves the right to cancel a tour at any time due to unfavourable weather conditions or river levels.

A shorter family-friendly waterfall hike can also be arranged, suitable for children aged six and above.
Lunch and/or over night accommodation in traditional fales beside the Liua le Vai o Sina River is also available at Lalotalie.

Cost: Waterfall hike (minimum 4 people) $85 tala per person
Overnight stay $100 tala per adult per night (Price includes Dinner and Breakfast)
Children under 12 years - $60 tala
Children under 5 years - free
Local rates apply.

Lunch available on request -
$20 tala per adult
Children under 12 years - $15 tala
Children under 5 years - free

*Prices are subject to change without notice

Contact us for bookings or further information:
Lalotalie Eco-Cultural Adventure Retreat
Tuiafutea 'Tuioli' Olsen and Jane Vaáfusuaga
Phone: (+685) 7748759
Postal Address
PO BOX 3432
CONTACT US to book online

Please note – you will receive a confirmation of your booking. If for any reason, you do not receive a confirmation of your email booking, please text or call us as we are not always able to connect to the Internet on a daily basis. Thank you for your understanding.